Monday @ 8 History

The Monday at Eight Group – A very brief History

The Monday at 8 Group started more than 40 years ago as an “off-shoot” of the St. Peter’s Young Wives’ Group which was to cater for husbands and wives together in social gatherings, mainly as a House group with outdoor activities in the summer months. The name was changed to Monday at 8 with a Chairman and latterly a full committee.

In 2006, the then committee felt that the Group had run its useful life and proposed that after a grand farewell party in January 2007 things should be wound up. Part of the reason for this was the problem of finding members willing to take on the duties needed for the committee. Members voted against this proposal and decided to keep going. Membership had been restricted because few homes were able to accommodate unlimited numbers and using a hall would change the whole ethos of the organisation and incur charges. Nevertheless, over the past two or three years, limitations on our more elderly members have restricted what we do and where we go.

The membership, drawn mainly from both St Peter’s and St Andrew’s Churches, totals about 50, nevertheless new members are always welcome-especially if they volunteer to assist in the organisation of monthly meetings! These usually consist of short talks of general interest, visits to local sites or gardens and supper-both self-catering/bring-and-share and in outings to local hostelries.