Friends of St Peter’s & St Andrew’s Churches

At the last committee meeting it was decided that as St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s churches now have their own fund raising teams and objectives, the fund raising activities of the Friends should cease temporarily and the charity should lay ‘dormant’, meeting only to consider grant applications or to receive bequests.

In this situation it was thought unreasonable to ask Friends to renew their subscription and those paying by standing order, to arrange cancellation.

The committee would like to thank all members, both annual and life, for their invaluable support over the many years that the Friends have been fundraising

Date for the next AGM  for the Friends of St. Peter’s and St. Andrew’s Churches will be Monday 2nd July in the Main Hall


In 1986 a registered charity (No1082437) was set up with the sole purpose “to raise monies from within and without the Church communities in order to restore, preserve and repair, maintain, to improve, beautify and reconstruct both churches and their monuments, ornaments, fixtures and fittings”. As St. Peter’s is many centuries older than St Andrew’s the ravages of time inevitably take their toll more on the former than the latter. The charity is run by a committee of about ten people (both Church and non Church-going people), who have a collective desire to maintain these wonderful places for future generations. The committee has the usual officers who are elected by the members at the AGM, which is held in June each year. The audited accounts are presented at this meeting and a copy sent to the Charity Commission. The committee meets about five or six time per year to organise events (see below for current dates) and to discuss and approve requests for finance for projects from both churches.

Grants made by the Friends to St. Peter’s Church in 2016

In 2016, the Friends have funded repairs to the boiler at St. Peter’s Church and repairs to the vestry roof and rainwater downpipes.

A grant was also made for a heating survey, water test and new pump at St. Peter’s Church. Further works to the Lady Chapel were also granted by the Friends.

These works totaled £8709.00, all funded by the Friends during 2016.

Grants made by the Friends to St. Peter’s Church in 2017

In 2017, the Friends have funded repairs to the West Window at St. Peter’s Church (£3,961). Also, we assisted with the cost of scaffolding (£1980). Further works to the Lady Chapel (£5,000) and heating consultant fees (£633).

These works totalled £11,574.00, all funded by the Friends so far in 2017.

Grants made by the Friends to St. Andrew’s Church in 2016/2017

During 2016/2017, grants totalling £3,651 have been made to St. Andrew’s to assist with the purchase of new curtains, shed and ladder to the belfry.

Sources of funding

Funds are generated from legacies and over the years we have been exceptionally fortunate to be remembered in people’s wills and these legacies have greatly increased our funds. Fundraising activities have also generated funds and are arranged by the committee and include the ever popular Wine and Wisdom evenings.

Join the Friends or help with activities!

New friends are always welcome and if you would like to join us either financially by becoming an annual or life member or come and just help us arrange events, donate prizes or services or simply time, we would be more than happy to see you. Please ring the Friends’ Secretary Maureen Daley 01843-869791 Send Email