St Peter’s Appeal Update

St Peter’s Appeal Update

March 2018

£1,000 generously donated for the Garden of Remembrance in Memoriam Robert Stirling Tomlin 

Latest Update on the funds raised

The Revd. Jan

The Appeal has been divided into three stages:

The Tower

Stage 1: The Tower – Dating from the 15th Century, until recently this was a seriously endangered structure. Apart from recent deterioration, it had a visible, repaired crack which, it is thought, was caused by an earthquake in 1580 when even one of the pinnacles of Westminster Abbey collapsed! Being the highest point in Thanet, the Tower was used as a signalling station by the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic wars and St Peter’s still claims the privilege to fly the White Ensign.
The clock (the dial dates from 1802), historic bells and the important stained glass window are all part of the Tower and were in need of urgent repair.


Result: £250,000 has been raised with the help of the Heritage Lottery Fund, donors and events to repair the Tower, bells and stained glass window.

Stage 2: St Peter’s Community Halls and the Garden of Remembrance. The Church and its three halls the first of which was opened by then Mr Edward Heath in 1972, are the very hub of the village, but were in need of updating urgently.

The Community Halls:

Sprats! Mother & Toddler Group using the main hall
The Hall before refurbishment
The Kitchen before refurbishment

The complex of three separate halls includes two kitchens which were in in need of refurbishment.
Result: Over £100, was raised by events, donations and grants and the main hall and its kitchen have been updated, a disabled toilet installed and a new sound and vision system included in the main hall.

The area benefits from a large, free car park and a well-stocked Co-operative store, doctors’ group practice, a delightful village green, which even includes a stocks for miscreants! Here also is the Red Lion Pub, one of the key stopping points on the widely attended and award–winning Village Tour. Weekly during the tourist season the Tour leads some 1,000 visitors per annum between sketches and vignettes, with costumed characters.

The Garden of Remembrance 

The Garden of Remembrance

The Churchyard, around which tours of historical interest take place, is the longest in Kent and includes a secluded Garden of Remembrance. This is not in a good state of repair and cannot provide the bereaved with the peace and tranquillity needed. Fundraising is now in progress to repair and make safe the old flint wall, the paths and the wrought iron gate and fence.


Stage 3-the Church interior– To make provision within the Church for a much needed, additional cultural and educational facility for the town. This would make the Church more adaptable for different types of services and attract more visitors and other users for many other appropriate uses.

The Interior of the church

Establish cultural and educational facilities within the Church: pews have to be removed, portable seating installed which will result in the need for a new, far more energy-efficient heating system. In addition, the entrance area will have to be redesigned to accommodate items for sale eg cards and relevant books and teaching materials and to include a congenial area for social gatherings after services or events.

How can you help?

We are raising money mainly by a series of exciting events which are designed to appeal to both young and old, to visitors, the general public and our own congregation. So why not join us and bring your friends?
All events can be found here and please see the Notice Board for all the latest news!

Many who have connections with our ancient and beautiful Church for example through weddings or baptisms or just visit have kindly chosen to donate. However modest, please do consider this option; it’s really very easy and the results for the Church are so important for its continued existence.

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