Our Church and Location

Our Church

St Peter’s Church reflects nearly 1,000 years of history. It was first built in 1070 and enlarged in the 12th century to include the south Aisle. The great pillars in the nave are late Norman and the massive Tower was built in the 15th century. For centuries, this Church was the seat of local government and meetings were held in the old vestry, where Church wardens collected rates, discussed matters such as the highways and the destruction of vermin! In 1694, a school was set up in today’s Children’s corner with a bequest of £20 per year, to pay for a schoolmaster to teach 20 poor children. 

To see a 360 degree panorama of the  interior of St Peter’s, used with the kind permission of George Sanders, please click here. 

The setting
Broadstairs harbour with Bleak house prominent

Broadstairs is a picturesque, old seaside town with many sheltered bays and sandy beaches. It is close to the channel ports, the high-speed train line and the prospects of an airport, with a gateway to mainland Europe only 15 minutes away. Also in nearby Margate is the Turner Contemporary Gallery. Broadstairs is steeped in history and many distinguished people have been closely connected with it: Charles Dickens, Sir Edward Heath, Mollie Blake (mother of Annette Mills of Muffin the Mule), Brenda Blethyn, Lord Northcliffe (founder of the Daily Mirror), Frank Richards (of Billy Bunter) and many more. But the origins of the town lie in the even older St Peter’s; a part of modern [more to follow……]









The area benefits from a large, free car park and a well-stocked Co-operative store, doctors’ group practice, a delightful village green, which even includes a stocks for miscreants! Here also is the Red Lion Pub, one of the key stopping points on the widely attended and award–winning Village Tour. Weekly during the tourist season the Tour leads some 1,000 visitors per annum between sketches and vignettes, with costumed characters.