PCC Minutes 15/08/19






  1. Mills (SM) P. Hancock (PH) R. Page (RP) P. Osborne (PO) R. Waddell (RW)
  2. Horne (GH) C. Pile (CP) J. Binfield (JB) R. Brown (Roy B) S.Brooks (Mins)

CHAIR Rev Jan Durrans


    The meeting opened with prayers led by GH to welcome members and to ask for guidance in deciding matters. JD also asked to keep Simon in our prayers as his mother is very ill, following hard on the loss of his father.


    Apologies have been received from Kate McGregor, Richard Baker and Mary Bridges


    The minutes for 6th June were proposed as correct with one amendment by RP, seconded by PO and agreed unanimously.


    None other than to confirm the Archdeacon has agreed to allow the planting of a tree for Mrs. Austen’s memorial to her daughter. Mrs. Austen has accepted the cost of planting it and maintaining it as required.

  5. AOB

    Security review, appointment of Sidesmen and Chalice Assistants and the starting of a 100 Club.



  1. Mission and Ministry Matters5th June – 15th August

   Baptisms 4 children

   Weddings – 3 another 4 booked for this year

   Funerals –   1 funeral and 4 burial of cremated remains


Pentecost Sunday 9th June – joint service with Baptist, HNA, Beaconsfield, at St Peters Anglican Church. We celebrated HC in the Garden of Remembrance. Elim church decided not to join us. Great event

Sea Sunday 14th July – Patrick and choir produced a play called St Brendan’s Voyage – fantastic

August – Climate Change

Coming up….Pet service in October

Two home Groups June (At Barbara’s house) and Michael’s group (Break for summer) going okay


Continue to take Assembly at both St Georges and St Peters

St Georges had a good OFSTED Inspection

St Peters yr. 6 leaving service held on Monday 22nd July at 2pm

St George’s Primary Prize Giving on Monday 15th July at 430pm

June now Foundation Governor – my place as Vicar still available

Spoke at Wellesley House Chapel service on Sat morning in June


Baptist Church (and local churches) held Holiday Club 24th – 26th July at St Peters School 70 children attended.

Mayors Garden Party was held in hall on 27th July – rained all day so held in hall

Missional Learning Communities – June and I will be attending a seminar on this in September

Deanery Growth Day September 28th – Pauline, Sylvia, June, Mary B, Gill Horne, and myself

Possibility of Street Party for VE Day in May

Impact England – Mon 5th Aug to Sun 11th Aug. Group from Ireland

Civic ceremony will be held on 9th Feb 2020

Sunday Church – The first Sunday of the month – led by Toni – 13 helpers all DBS checked and most have done safeguarding training. Themes – Creation, Noah, Joseph, Christmas and the Three Kings.

Meeting last night


9th – 11th July attended training on a Pastoral Supervisors Training Course – all new clergy to the Diocese will be expected to have supervision – JD will be one of those offering this.


  1. PCC Committees

    Mission and Worship
    JB gave feedback on the success of support for the Winter Shelter. A joint service (with other churches in St Peters) will hopefully be held on 10th May 2020 at 9.30 to commemorate VE Day. The next meeting is 23rd September.

Finance Committee
The figures have been circulated and we are still in deficit by £800. The Halls Committee has made one contribution to pay the Parish Share. The fees for the burial of cremated remains will be shown as churchyard income. The Archdeacon is pleased we continue to keep up with payment of the Parish Share. The Halls Committee have adjusted the payment to the cleaner. Simon Perry, Parish Assistant, will also receive an increase from 1st September 2020. His annual review is due in October. RP proposed an increase of 50p per hour, seconded by JD and carried unanimously.

Social Committee
The Harvest Supper is the next event at a cost of £7.50 per person. The committee met recently and also discussed VE celebrations for 2020 including a hall or street party. A concert will be held on 16th November, organised by Patrick. A concert will be part of Christmas tree festival and a Twelfth Night Supper will be held.

Fund Raising.
The committee met on 8th August. Events planned are a quiz night, boot fair, fashion show and a Tunes and Tea event. Programme for 2020 will include a talk, a performance of the Messiah and a Palm Sunday event. A dinner dance is also under consideration, to be held at the Pavilion. A concert of early music has been suggested by Mrs Hogben to raise money for the panels, to be discussed with Patrick as Director of Music on his return from leave. The Open Gardens will go ahead in 2020.

Halls Committee
The water bill has been reduced by 50%. There has been a power cut in the hall caused by street repairs and a generator is being used. There are some vacancies in the bookings for the halls we need to fill. Thanet District Council would like to use the hall in an emergency as a shelter, which was agreed. There is a sign to confirm the location of a defibrillator at the Co-Op.

Fabric Committee
The report has been circulated, and is attached. The Archdeacon has approved the planting of a tree in the churchyard and we are waiting for the decision for two other faculties. JD asked that the minutes show the gratitude and appreciation of the PCC for all the work Richard Baker has done to action the Quinquennial Report.


Garden of Remembrance Committee
The notes of the last meeting have been circulated with Nobles. Nobles are working on a map of the proposed new garden. The whole area is to be cleared and headstones are to be moved against the wall. Nobles have checked the land is stable and it should give us 1,000 new plots, enough for 40 years. JD formally proposed an extension to the garden, seconded by PO and carried unanimously. There are still some un-authorised memorials which will be moved and cleared away if not reclaimed. A notice about this will be in the Pew Sheet and the Parish Magazine. There has been some un-authorised dumping of ashes. Plaques are progressing, with some wanting two names but plaques are not large enough. The trough by the altar is to be filled with aggregate and levelled with vases sunken in to the aggregate. Don Bumpstead will get some quotes for these removable vases.


The group is to meet in September.


JB confirmed the minutes have been circulated. Treasurers are to be invited to the next meeting. A day in September is to be marked for spiritual growth. Dr Scott spoke.

Lynne Bones and the Vicar of All Saints spoke about their work at Hartsdown School. Lynne’s mission to the Deanery on behalf of the Church Army now lacks financial funding. She will continue her work until her redundancy at the end of September. She and her husband, Peter, who is a deacon at St. Laurence Church, are considering their future plans.

JB gave information about the Eco Church project stressing the need for action over climate change. There may only be a 12 year window to take action before it is too late. We need to support this by actions and not just words given the effect on the planet. Currently, we have a wild life area in the churchyard, we use coffee cups which can be recycled and will publicise bringing own cups and use Fairtrade tea. Other actions possible are the use of LED lighting, using public transport and car sharing. CP was appointed as the person responsible for this, she will complete the survey. This will remain as a PCC Agenda item.





A letter has been received about tracing a grave in the churchyard, currently under investigation. JD to look at this.

Jill Hogben has written re the painted screens as she would like the PCC to pay for them to be assessed. The probable cost would be several hundred pounds. The Finance Committee had already declined this request.

The Friends of Kent Churches have also refused a request from Jill to pay for this work. Jill has managed to raise £500 from members of the congregation which would pay for an assessment visit, so the PCC does not have to come up with any money. It was agreed that Jill could get the panels assessed, provided that the payment was made in advance, the visit was notified to the Vicar, Churchwardens and the Chair of the Fabric committee and all items moved to be replaced. JD formally proposed that the assessment should go ahead under these conditions, seconded by Roy B and carried unanimously. JD and Churchwardens will reply to Jill.   It was also agreed that even if the panels are thought to be worth restoring they would have to wait until all the work outlined in the Quinquennial was completed, this must take precedence.  

11 AOB

Janetta Horne has trained as a Server for 8.00am service and her approval form has been signed by JD and PCC secretary. Alison Burgess is to be a Sidesman for 8.00am service, and her appointment was approved unanimously.

There was a proposal to set up a 100 Club is to raise funds for the church. A committee will need to be set up, the finance committee will look at this.

Hamish McGregor has reviewed and updated the work needed to be done with regard to the security of the church. This had already been circulated and the Vicar and CW’s will look at this. The H & S Policy and Fire Risk Assessments are also in the process of being reviewed


The next meeting will be on 14th November.


The meeting closed with the Grace.

              Minutes agreed 5th November 2019 Rev Jan Durrans