Harvest Festival at St. Peter’s

The church was full on the morning of 29th September for the Harvest Festival service  and church parade of the youth groups  which were very well represented. The altar was decorated with the traditional harvest loaf, beautifully created by Jane Green, in the shape of a sheaf of corn and including a little harvest mouse.  A huge amount of tinned and dry food was donated by the children and the congregation which was collected the next day to go to  Thanet Food Link. We sang all the usual harvest hymns, including the one about fluffy cauliflowers and this year a new one – the vegetable salsa with a very entertaining film shown on the screen.

In the evening we had a great time at the Harvest Supper where we were served with a delicious Lasagne and salad, followed by blackberry and apple crumble with custard, fresh fruit salad and coffee. We were given name badges to wear on arrival and as some of us are not always quite sure of other’s names even after meeting them week after week so this was a great help. When we were sitting afterwards, feeling happy and replete, it was time to play Hedgehog! This game is a variation on Beetle and many people showed great artistic talent drawing their hedgehogs! Afterwards we enjoyed another run of the horse racing  game where some people excelled in imitating horses as they tried to win points for their team.

This very enjoyable evening was entirely due to the hard work and planning of many people,  and we are very grateful to Sylvia and all the other helpers who made this evening possible.