PCC Minutes 6th June 2019




Present: S. Mills (SM), R. Baker (RB), P. Hancock (PH), R. Page (RP), P. Osborne (PO), R. Waddell (RW), M. Bridges (MB), G. Horne (GH), C. Pile (CP), J. Binfield (JB), R. Brown (Roy B), S. Brooks (Mins)

CHAIR Rev Jan Durrans


Note: Items 1 and 2 were minuted by JB. The PCC Secretary joined the meeting from Item 3 onwards, due to a prior engagement.



    The meeting opened with prayers led by RP to welcome members and to ask for guidance in deciding matters.


    Apologies have been received from Kate McGregor.

    The PCC moved to St. John’s Chapel. RB explained that there was an aim to renew the carpet which had led to some suggestions of additional changes. They would like to extend the carpet to the front pew. This would mean removing the present kneeler and rail. The advantages would be creating a larger space which could be used for prayer groups and varied worship opportunities. It would also enable the removal of several trip hazards due to uneven surfaces as these could be addressed before the new carpet was laid. The wooden screen could be positioned at right angles to the front pew which was a suitable height and would give additional support to those entering the chapel. A general discussion and some questions followed. Addressing the Health and Safety aspects was welcomed and it was noted that the proposed changes would not affect the heating. It was suggested that chairs similar to those in the Lady Chapel would enhance the chapel. It was suggested that the new carpet should be caulk green; the Lady Chapel chairs are blue. The PCC returned to the Parish Office.


    The minutes for 9th May were proposed as correct by RP, seconded by PO and agreed unanimously.

    RW is required to complete the declaration that he is a fit and proper person to be appointed to the PCC.

  4. AOB

    a) Update on John Parsons. b) Proposal from Caroline Pile and Gill Horne to join the Social Committee.
  5. MINISTRY & MISSION Covering the period from 27th February 2019 to 5 June 2019

    Baptisms – 1, Weddings – 2 another 8 booked for this year.
    Funerals – 5 Funerals and 8 burial of cremated remains

           Services – 35 people attended the Ascension Day service.

The Pentecost Sunday service will be a joint Communion Service with the churches in St Peters (Harvest New Anglican, Baptist Church and Beaconsfield) and will take place both in church and in the Garden of Remembrance.

Patrick Dunn has written a musical drama for Sea Sunday on 14th July – St Brendan’s Voyage


JD continues to take Assembly at both St George’s and St Peter’s. JB to be governor at St Peter’s.

St Peters had had a good Ofsted Inspection – St Georges due any day.

St Peters Year 6 Leaving service will be in church on Monday 22nd July.

St Georges Primary Prize giving Tea on Monday 15th July 430pm.


JD is to start a monthly Sunday School – Children’s Church at the 9.30 service on the 1st Sunday of the month and is asking for volunteers to assist.


JD is to attend a training Course from 9 to 11 July to train as a Pastoral Supervisor.

JD has also been asked to be a group facilitator for 4 Deacons who are to be ordained this summer. This will begin in September.  

JB did an update on the 2020 Vision training. There is to be Deanery Growth Day on 28th September for lay people to attend as well as clergy. Representatives are required from all parishes. JB will do a notice for the Pew Sheet.

Lynn Bones is now working alone for the Dream Team and is based at Hartsdown School organising a Sanctuary of Song, with the Vicar of All Saints assisting.   Funding may end after this year. Lynn has offered to preach in the Group Churches, JD to consider.


  1. PCC Committees

    Fund Raising.
    The boot fair on 8th June was cancelled as there were insufficient stalls taken, but 4 have rebooked for the next fair in September. The Railway Swing Band will perform on 26th June, 47 tickets sold so far. We need to cover the £300 fee.

Social Committee
CP and GH asked to join this committee, the vote to admit them was unanimous.

Finance Committee
We await the Gift Aid return of funds, currently about £4,000 is outstanding. RP requested permission to write to the Diocesan Treasurer about this delay, three months, March, April and May are outstanding.   The letter is to be copied also to the Area Dean and the Diocesan Secretary, The vote was unanimous in favour of so doing.

The deficit between income and expenditure is about £1,500 monthly. We may need to request another contribution from the Halls. The fees for legal and professional services will be met by the Fabric account., £1,600 to Clagues for the Quinquennial report, VAT is recoverable. Hall hiring fees will need to be increased next year.

Halls Committee
John Read has covered for RW in his absence. New bin needed for the kitchen. Hirers to be reminded about the use of the sinks, hand washing and washing up to be done in separate sinks.

RW advised that the cleaner should be paid for any additional services that he does, at a minimum for 30 minutes, which is £5. This needs to be discussed further in the Halls Committee as a paper trail will be required to record any jobs undertaken and any payments made.

Fabric Committee, including Quinquennial Report
The PCC visited St John’s Chapel to consider the proposition of levelling the floor in front of the first pew, removing the altar rail and having a new carpet fitted in caulk green. An estimate for this work had been received for £1,484 including VAT.

The PCC agreed that it would improve this area of the church and the levelling of the floor and the new extended carpet would eliminate any trip hazard in this area. Six new chairs will be provided to match those in the Lady Chapel. This resolution was proposed by Richard Baker, (Chair of the Fabric Committee) and seconded by Pauline Osborne. Twelve members of the PCC were present. The vote to pass the resolution was unanimous.

RB noted that the new Sidesman table by the South Door had not been authorised, as he had believed to be the case. Accordingly, this resolution was proposed by Richard Baker, Chair of the Fabric Committee and seconded by June Binfield, ie that permission for the table is given and that we pay its cost, £666. Twelve members of the PCC were present. The vote to pass the resolution was unanimous.

The cost of rebuilding the brick pier is increasing and may now be £20,000. Thanet District Council are responsible for obtaining three quotes for the work, all for the same specification. Clagues will be asked to draw up the specification to be used by all bidders.

Church heating system is to be serviced by Grummants in September.

Quinquennial Report
Clagues have asked the Diocese if the work can be done under Archdeacon’s License. If we use slate instead of the existing Kent peg tiles over the West Porch, we may need planning permission and a faculty. Grey tiles will be a better match but we need permission to change the appearance of a listed building. However, use of the existing Kent peg tiles will mean the pitch of the roof should be altered to accommodate them.

Currently there is £30,000 in the fabric fund, £99, 000 in the Gillespie bequest.

Clague Architects report was discussed, as well as the report from John Corley on the stained glass and ferramenta.


Both reports were accepted, and the likely total cost of the repairs of £41,680 (+VAT) considered.

The PCC agreed that this work should be progressed as quickly as possible, and the cost of the repairs paid for from the Gillespie legacy.


The PCC further agreed that the Vicar and Churchwardens, with the chair of the Fabric committee, should monitor the repairs, and are authorised to pay for the repairs provided they do not exceed a sum of £45,000 +VAT.


This resolution was proposed by Richard Baker, Chair of the Fabric Committee and seconded by Robin Page as Treasurer.


Twelve members of the PCC were present. The vote to pass the resolution was unanimous. Ideally, the work should be completed by the winter.

Roy B had concerns about the health and safety aspect of the works. Public safety is to assured at all times and the work will be overseen by Clagues. Risk assessments will be required, which will be prepared by JD and RB before the work starts. The contractors also have liability. RP voiced the thanks of all the PCC for the amount of work undertaken by Richard Baker, with more to come.  


JD has had a request from Ann Austen to plant a tree in the churchyard in memory of her daughter. Mrs Austen will pay the cost of planting and for any maintenance work required in the future. JD would like PCC authorisation for this work. Accordingly, this resolution was proposed by JD, seconded by SM, that the PCC agrees to the proposal that Mrs Ann Austen plants a silver birch tree in the churchyard in memory of her daughter, next to a beech tree that was planted in 2011in memory of her husband. Thanet District Council have agreed that a silver birch is a suitable tree to be planted in the churchyard, and Mrs Austen has agreed that she will pay for the tree, arrange and pay for it to be planted and will take full responsibility for its upkeep. Twelve members of the PCC were present. The vote to pass the resolution was unanimous.


Garden of Remembrance Committee
JD has met today, 6th June, in the churchyard, with the Churchwardens, Don Bumpstead, Richard Baker, Roger Waddell, Nicola Dowsett from Thanet District Council (TDC) and Harry and Lynne from Noble’s Funeral Directors.

We need to provide additional space for the burial of cremated remains so we are proposing a new Garden of Remembrance – using the area adjacent to the existing one.

The area will need to be cleared, with the existing headstones moved next to the wall. The cost will be about £20,000. A faculty will be required. Both TDC and Nobles are happy with our proposals.

A discussion was held concerning the lack of grass cutting in the churchyard, TDC will rectify this and will make sure it is cut regularly in the future.

Plaques on the wall behind the altar will be available from the beginning of August. Nobles will manage this.


    The group is to meet next week. There is to be a Group Choral Evensong at St Peters Church for Petertide at which the Archdeacon will preach.


Meeting every two months.


The next meeting is on 18th July.


All those who have completed the training to confirm this with Elspeth. .



  1. AOB

    John Parsons is now making good progress and may soon be home from hospital. JD is very grateful for the help given to Wendy to take her to Canterbury to visit John.



15th August



The meeting closed with the Grace.


PCC Minutes Agreed

Signed by Rev Jan Durrans

15th August 2019