News Sheet 19/05/19

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News Sheet for Sunday 19th May 2019

(Details of Worship and Services in separate white pew sheet)


Monday             20          14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

7.30 Mayor Making Ceremony and appointment of Rev Jan as Chaplain – The Pavilion

Wednesday     22         1.30  Halls Committee Meeting – Parish Office

                                          7.30  Archdeacon’s Visitation – Canterbury Cathedral

Friday               24        5.00  Holiday Club meeting for helpers –

Queens Road  Baptist Church

Sunday             26         Baptism of Noah Brown

Monday             27       14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive


Sunday             02        13:00 St Peter’s Village Open Gardens

Monday             03       14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Tuesday            04       19:30 St Peter’s Women’s Group

Wednesday       05       14:30 Home Group @St Leu

Saturday          08        09:00 Indoor Boot Fair in St Peter’s Main Hall

Monday             10       14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Wednesday     12       19:00 Confirmation/ Christian Enq. Course (Vicarage)

Thank you for supporting the plant stall

The Christian Aid plant stall held in the hall  foyer during early May raised £433.72.  Thank you so much to everyone who supported it by donating plants or buying.

If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing the Christian Aid petition which is near the south door.  Thank you.       Elspeth Cooke

NOVENA. Nine days of prayer. Churches, schools, groups and individuals across the Diocese and around the world are accepting the invitation to pray ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ – the time between Ascension and Pentecost (Friday 31st May – Saturday 8th June) using Novena materials. Your pocket book of prayers to aid you in this are available by the south porch, do please collect yours after the service. Rev Jan 

Children in Church I am planning to set up a ‘Sunday School‘ to take place on the first Sunday of the month. It will take place in the choir vestry after the notices with children returning back in to church at The Peace. It will comprise of a Bible story, activity and some music. If you would like to be involved with this please contact me. Rev Jan (01843 869169, or ). The more helpers we have the better. Thank you

Enquiring about the Christian Faith For those of you who are thinking about getting confirmed, or those who are already, but want to learn more about the Christian faith. The sessions will be held at the vicarage on Wednesday evening at 7pm on the 15th May, 12th and 19th June, and 3rd and 31st July. PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATES. Please have a word with me if you are interested. Thank you, Rev’d Jan (01843 869169).

Archdeacon’s Visitation. The Visitation service, at which our two Churchwardens are sworn in for the coming year, will take place at Canterbury Cathedral on Wednesday 22nd May at 7.30 pm. This service is open to all, especially to those who have designated roles in the church, and it is hoped that some members of our congregation will also be there to show their support for Sylvia and Pauline.

Thank you for the words of condolence, cards and beautiful flowers. My mum said Dad would have been so thrilled and overwhelmed at how kind everyone has been at St. Peters. Simon, Janet and Marcus Perry

Holiday Club 2019 St Peter’s Churches will be holding their holiday club on 24th, 25th and 26th July, and as usual we will need as many willing volunteers as possible. If you feel you would like to help, there will be Holiday Club Meeting on May 24th from 5 until 6pm @ Queens Road Baptist Church. Please make every effort to be there – we need as many willing volunteers as possible…  If anyone wants anymore information then please email Rhodri or

Maggie:  or 

Monday at 7

Our next event is on Monday June 3rd, for lunch at the Quex Barn,  Birchington, at 1pm.  ( The croquet had to be cancelled on this date, due to lack of support).

I need to know if you are going as I have to give numbers quite soon. Please contact Marion Brown, Tel 604524, email  Thank you.

Fundraising Committee Report for Sunday 19th May 2019

Barn Dance – Saturday 18th May

A report concerning the success of the Barn Dance will appear here next Sunday.

Boot Fair – Saturday 8th June 2019

Tables for the next Boot Fair will again be £10.00 each and may be booked in person at the Parish office or by calling on 01843 866061. The Boot Fair will open at 9.00am (sellers can access the Community Hall from 8.00am) and tea, coffee and refreshments will be available.

Railway Swing Band – Wednesday 26th June

Tickets for the Railway Swing Band concert will soon be available at £10.00 each and we are hoping to sell every seat in the hall, so please buy tickets yourself and encourage all your friends, neighbours and relatives to buy them as well. The band is fantastic, includes a couple of singers and plays a range of music from the ‘swing’ era (1940s and 50s) which most of us (at least, those of us of a ‘certain age’) will recognise straight away. Remember Peggy Lee? Dinah Washington? ‘Duke’ Ellington? – If you do then this band is for you!  The concert starts at 7.30pm and runs until 10.00pm, with a short interval during which refreshments, including wine, will be available, so reserve the date in your diary. It is important for the church that this event is as big a success as possible, so come along and enjoy.

Incidentally, we will need a lot of helpers (the more the better) when the Swing Band comes to St. Peter’s. There will be more details later but, if you can help out on that evening, please let us know.

ST. PETERS SUMMER FETE Saturday 29th June 2019

Just a first reminder that our annual fete is less than two months away, so we are hoping that everyone will begin to sort out some nice bits and pieces that we can sell, and to remind you that all proceeds go towards our church expenses.

We are trying to improve the quality of the goods for sale this year, so we are asking for nearly new clothes, books, toys, and bric-a-brac items in an effort to encourage people to buy more items. We also need lots of really nice items that we can use as tombola prizes, and of course bottles of wine for the bottle tombola.

We don’t want anything delivered yet to the office, as we don’t have the room, but please begin to set a few things aside so that we have a really good selection of things for sa

We will be enclosing raffle tickets books with the Magazine, in the hope that you are willing and able to sell them to friends and neighbours. Don’t be afraid to ask them as soon as you get them, and also ask them to come along and support you/us at the same time. I will keep you posted as time goes by. Thank you in advance. Roger Waddell, Fete Co-ordinator.

The Monday Home Group – 92 Dumpton Park Drive, Broadstairs

We meet at 2:30 pm to reflect on the glorious Bible accounts heard in Church on Sunday – and what Jesus’ resurrection means for us today.  Do please join us – you’d be most welcome.  If you want to know more, please do phone us on 863293.  Michael & Elspeth.

Wednesday Home Group. Our next meeting will be on June 5th at St.Leu, meeting at 2.30 pm. At these monthly meetings we have a topic for each meeting. Last time we looked at some of the work in Church Schools to encourage understanding Christianity and for children to see Christianity as a Living Faith. In June we hope to look at Pentecost. All are welcome.

Contact: June Binfield,  or 07711 072233 or 01843 861286.

Website. Please take a moment to look at  and review your areas of interest and then email Trevor Hogben with any updates.

Parish Office in Main Hall (01843) 866061

Hopeville Avenue, St Peter’s CT10 2TR

Open Monday to Friday 9 am – 1pm


Halls email:

Parish and Community Halls Administrator – Simon Perry

Please Note that the Parish Office will be closed at 1pm every afternoon. If you need to see Simon outside of office hours please ring him to arrange an appointment.

Vicar Rev’d Jan Durrans (Day off – Friday)

 Email: Direct line – 869169


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We are always SO grateful for the cash donations given each week at services. If you are a tax payer it would be an even greater benefit if you could put your donation in a completed yellow Gift Aid envelope so that we can recover the extra 25p in every pound given!