News Sheet for 6th January 2019

A warm welcome to the


News Sheet for Sunday 6th January 2019

(Details of Worship and Services in separate white pew sheet)


Wednesday      09        14:30 Home Group @St Leu

Saturday           12       19:00 Monday @7 New Year Party @21 Fig Tree Road

Monday            14        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Tuesday            15        19:30 St Peter’s Women’s Group

Monday            21        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Saturday          26        09:00 Indoor Boot Fair in St Peter’s Main Hall

Monday            28        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive


Monday            04        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Tuesday            05        19:30 St Peter’s Women’s Group

Wednesday      06        14:30 Home Group @St Leu

Thursday          07        TBC    Tea and Beetle Drive

Monday            11        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Monday            18        14:30 Home Group @92 Dumpton Park Drive

Tuesday            19        19:30 St Peter’s Women’s Group

Churches Together. 

Thank you to all of you who sang carols at Tesco before Christmas. We raised £308.04 for the Thanet Winter Shelter.

There will be an Ecumenical Service at Queens Road Baptist Church on Sunday 20th January at 6.30 pm as part of our celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Please do come. Rev Jan 

The various collections in the lead up to Christmas were so well supported and we are immensely grateful for people’s generosity which enabled us to send off £375 to the Children’s Society after the Christingle Service, and £640 to Thanet Winter Shelter as a result of various collections.

We have had acknowledgement from both charities expressing their heartfelt appreciation.

Robin Page, Treasurer

Monday @7.

Our next event is NEXT Saturday, 12th January, for our New Year Party, at 21 Fig Tree Road, 7 for 7.30pm.  Will you all please let me know what food you are going to bring, sweet or savoury ( I have heard from very few of you to date, it could be bread and jam!!). Also, we make a small charge of £5 for this event.  Please contact me asap, Tel:  604524, or email . Looking forward to seeing you all there. Thanks, Marion Brown.

The Winter Shelter. 

Thank you for all the generous donations to the Winter Shelter. They are much appreciated by all who use and all who help run the Shelter. This year the Shelter will be open until the end of March. Please continue to give what you can – your gifts make a real difference. Thank you. June. ( or 01843 861286)

Card Making

The results are in!! The first year of our card making has been very much a trial and error project. Six members of the congregation have met at least once a month at my home to cut, stick, print, label, pack and price. Much chatter and laughter also goes on, accompanied by refreshments. After they have left, the background work of sorting, storing and displaying continues. I am ably assisted with this by my friend Les. The cards range in price from 20p to 40p and although I am biased, in my opinion they are of good quality. After expenses for materials, a total of £377.23 has been raised to provide vital help towards the church’s finances.

Thank you Pat, Joy, Jeannie, Carol, Caroline and Les for your time and skills. Thanks also go out to the community for providing us with card fronts and the cellophane bags you bring in. Please continue to save them and drop them off at the church office. A box for donated cellophane bags is also on the table in the foyer. 

If you have purchased any of our cards during the year, I hope you have been pleased with them.

We look forward to another successful year. Jan Gee


Our fundraising so far has been a massive success generating sufficient funds for the Tower to be restored; the halls and kitchens refurbished and works carried out in the Garden of Remembrance to make it more accessible for all.

Whilst it had originally been hoped to re-order the church itself, the PCC feels that this may not happen in the foreseeable future and it’s been agreed that our fundraising now will be directed for the benefit of the church as a whole. As such, revenue from the ‘Loose Change’ boxes will be used accordingly.

Fundraising Committee Report for Sunday 6th January 2019

Indoor Boot Fair

Our first event for 2019 will be another Indoor Boot Fair, which will take place in the Church Hall on Saturday 26th January. Tables are £10.00 each and may be booked in the Parish Office during normal opening hours so, if you or anyone you know would like to take on a table at the IBF, please let us know. The last Boot Fair sold out well before the date and several potential sellers had to be disappointed so, if you’d like to be sure of your table, book early! If past fairs are anything to go by, there will be a lot of good stuff on sale and often the kind of goods which you can’t buy in the High Street, so put the 26th January in your diary, come along and browse. There’ll be hot bacon rolls too! Who can resist that kind of offer?!

Tea and Beetle Drive

We are planning a Tea and Beetle Drive event for the afternoon of Thursday 7th February. The final preparations are not yet in place but, if Beetle Drives are for you or your friends, you might want to put this date in your diary. It should be a fun afternoon so watch this space for more details.

Monday Home Group

After the seasonal break, we restart our weekly meetings at 2:30pm on Monday 14th January, when we shall resume reflecting in music and word on the Bible readings heard in church the previous day.  Meeting at 92 Dumpton Park Drive, we welcome anyone who’d like to come, even as a one off:  we finish at around 4pm with tea and biscuits.  If you’d like to know more, please do phone us on 863293.  Michael & Elspeth Cooke.

The Wednesday Home Group. 

Our next meeting is at St. Leu at 2.30 pm on Wednesday, 9th January, when we will discuss suggestions for our February 6th meeting and plans for Lent, when we will meet weekly. Ash Wednesday is March 6th.  On 9th January I hope we will have some time to discuss St. Peter, so hopefully everyone will have a view of our Patron Saint. We welcome anyone who would like to join the group. If you have any questions, contact June, (01843 861286, ) or John, (07989857737).

Website. Please take a moment to look at  and review your areas of interest and then email Trevor Hogben with any updates.

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We are always SO grateful for the cash donations given

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