Diary of Services 26/11/2017



Sunday 26th November – Christ the King

     8.00 am:         Holy Communion (said BCP)

     9.30 am:         Parish Eucharist

   11.30 am:         Baptism Allianna Westwick

     4:00 pm:        Choral Evensong


And during the coming week

Monday–Friday:  8:30 am: Morning Prayer in St. James’ Chapel

Monday:               5:00 pm: Evening Prayer in St. James’ Chapel

Wednesday:       10:00 am: Eucharist (said)

                              11:00 am: Pastoral Team Meeting (Vicarage)

Thursday:              3:00 pm: Afternoon tea for the Sidespeople (Vicarage)

                                7:30 pm: Wedding Rehearsal in Church

Saturday:              2.30 pm: Wedding Colin Smart and Katrina Day


Next Sunday 3rd December – The First Sunday of Advent

     8.00 am:         Holy Communion (said BCP)

     9.30 am:         Parish Eucharist


In your prayers please remember

Baptism: Allianna Westwick being Baptised today, her parents and Godparents.

Marriage – Colin Smart and Katrina Day marrying each other next Saturday.

Prayers for healing – Betty Turner; Sheila Watson; Beverley Pay; Rev’d Ron Frost; Valerie Patterson; Beryl Wager….and those whose names have been entered in the book for prayers in St. James’ Chapel.

Those who have died recently…..and all their relatives and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.


MISSING Can you help to be the ears & eyes of our church family? Do you care about those around you?  If the answer is yes then next time you’re in church look around you. If a familiar face has been missing for some weeks do something about it, make enquiries, make a phone call mention it to someone – THIS IS NOT BEING NOSEY but showing concern for our church family.  Next time it could be you missing from that pew – I WONDER IF ANYONE WOULD CARE?


Please do not take photos during the service. If you want to take them after the service has finished please ensure you only take a picture of your own child or family member. Please obtain permission from anyone else before you take their photo. Thank you.


When the church is in use there is a lavatory available in the vestry area, please ask one of the Sidesmen for assistance.