St Peter’s Diary of Services 19/11/2017

Sunday 19th November – The Second Sunday before Advent
8.00 am: Holy Communion (said BCP)
9.30 am: Parish Eucharist
11.30 am: Baptisms Kian and Layton Barham
4:00 pm: Taizé Service

And during the coming week
Monday–Friday: 8:30 am: Morning Prayer in St. James’ Chapel
Monday: 5:00 pm: Evening Prayer in St. James’ Chapel
Wednesday: 10:00 am: Eucharist (said)

Next Sunday 26th November – Christ the King
8.00 am: Holy Communion (said BCP)
9.30 am: Parish Eucharist
11.30 am: Baptism Allianna Westwick
4:00 pm: Choral Evensong

In your prayers please remember
Those whose banns are being read today: Colin Smart and Katrina Day.
Baptism: Kian and Layton Barham being Baptised today, their parents and Godparents.
Prayers for healing – Betty Turner; Sheila Watson; Beverley Pay; Rev’d Ron Frost; Valerie Patterson; Beryl Wager….and those whose names have been entered in the book for prayers in St. James’ Chapel.
Those who have died recently – Michael Granger…..and all their relatives and friends who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.

MISSING Can you help to be the ears & eyes of our church family? Do you care about those around you? If the answer is yes then next time you’re in church look around you. If a familiar face has been missing for some weeks do something about it, make enquiries, make a phone call mention it to someone – THIS IS NOT BEING NOSEY but showing concern for our church family. Next time it could be you missing from that pew – I WONDER IF ANYONE WOULD CARE?

Please do not take photos during the service. If you want to take them after the service has finished please ensure you only take a picture of your own child or family member. Please obtain permission from anyone else before you take their photo. Thank you.

When the church is in use there is a lavatory available in the vestry area, please ask one of the Sidesmen for assistance.