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Thank you for your interest in this beautiful Anglican, inclusive Church situated at the heart of St Peter-in-Thanet, Broadstairs. We are one of three Church of England Parishes in Broadstairs – which is in Thanet in North-East Kent. Together with other local Churches we try to share something of God’s love for all.

There has been a worshipping Church situated on our site for over 1,000 years. We are privileged to continue this tradition and aspire to live as followers of Jesus in a rapidly changing world with faith and joy.
We hope that you enjoy looking through what we try to do at St Peter’s Church. Please click on any of the links above. Perhaps even more importantly – we hope to have the opportunity to meet you in person.

Induction and Installation of the Rev’d Jan Durrans, Vicar

Following a formal ceremony in December 2018 when Rev’d Jan and her two churchwardens attended the chapel in the Bishop’s Palace where the Rev’d Jan became our Vicar.

Archdeacon Jo visited St. Peter’s Church on 17th March 2019 for a service of Induction and Installation.  A working party had given the  interior of the church a special spring clean in preparation for the occasion and the brass work and the polished pews gleamed in the bright sunshine streaming through the windows.
Archdeacon Jo presided and preached at this service,, mentioning that St. Peter’s had shown itself to be a thriving church, able to pay its way, and as a result the suspension of the Living imposed in 2015 had been lifted, which gave more security  to this Parish, enabling us to have our own Vicar, rather than a Priest in Charge. After Holy Communion the choir sang Rev’d Jan’s favourite anthem “Thou visitest the Earth” and then it was time for the churchwardens to come to the chancel with their staves to present Rev’d Jan, the Vicardesignate, to the Archdeacon .
The Archdeacon gave Rev’d Jan a set of church keys, remarking that they were probably familiar to her by now, after which the procession of the churchwardens leading the Rev’d Jan and the Archdeacon went to the belfry where Rev’d Jan rang the bell several more times than she had previously planned because the bell seemed to take over and gave a few extra dongs at the end. (the vicar usually rings the bell for the number of years they intend to stay in post and she later remarked that as a result she might have to stay until she was eighty)
The Archdeacon then led Jan to her stall, saying I place you in this stall as Vicar of this Benefice. The Lord preserve your going out and your coming in. Pray for your people, lead them in worship and service and encourage them in their witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
After the final hymn we all went to the church hall to celebrate Rev’d Jan’s special day and enjoy a glass of Prosecco and small simnel cakes baked by Sylvia.  Jane Green had baked a delicious sponge sandwich cake had been iced and decorated by Mary Saffery and we all enjoyed a slice before going home after yet another memorable day at St. Peter’s.

The Rev'd Jan Durrans
The Rev’d Jan Durrans
Vicar St Peter in Thanet, Broadstairs



Photos/Images used by kind permission of Dave Walsh

The History of St. Peter-the-Apostle Church in Thanet
Jill Hogben’s tremendous book about our church’s history is on sale from the Parish Office . Her two years’ research and hard work has culminated in a fascinating and enlightening reference book about St Peter’s for which we are hugely grateful. Priced at only £10 per copy, all profits will go to St Peter’s.